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Mycelium is the connective tissue for global digital markets

Since 2019, Mycelium has developed expertise and recognition in the industry as a trusted market leader leveraging blockchain technology to make financial markets more efficient. We build financial market infrastructure on public blockchains that is open, transparent, and accessible to all. We specialise in data provision via the Mycelium Node, and derivatives exchange infrastructure via Tracer.

Data expertise: Mycelium Node

As a company, data is in our DNA. In 2019 we established Mycelium Node, one of the first Chainlink Oracle Nodes providing secure and reliable market data on-chain so users can transact with trust. The Mycelium Node acts as a piece of connective tissue between off-chain data and on-chain transactions, facilitating widespread activity in blockchain-based financial markets.

Today, the Node provides 800 data feeds from 18 nodes across 11 blockchains. It has enabled over 14 million successful transactions on-chain.

Via providing critical data to public blockchains, Mycelium recognised a large market need for on-chain analytics and reputation services. We developed Chainlink Oracle Reputation to help users understand the end-to-end relationship of their financial activities. Chainlink Oracle Reputation makes the transaction data and history of Nodes human-readable, enhancing the transparency of where, when, and how value transfers occur on-chain. The data streaming pipeline Mycelium has developed with COR is extremely powerful, which Mycelium believes has broader applications to deliver advanced insights to financial market participants and by consequence, help make financial markets more information-rich and trustworthy.

Derivative expertise: Tracer

In 2021, we developed Tracer: a decentralised derivatives platform. Unlike other on-chain derivatives platforms, Tracer introduced a novel mechanism to the market: Perpetual Pools. The mechanism unlocks a new category of derivatives trading allowing traders to gain leveraged exposure to digital assets with zero liquidations, and zero margins. Building derivatives with open-source smart contracts facilitates equal access to effective risk management tools. Tracer also solves fundamental problems that exist within the derivatives industry, bringing absolute programmability and transparency to counter-party risk through decentralised clearing.

Derivative trading with any digital asset is possible with Tracer, delivering a platform for infinite new markets and capital efficiency to flourish between parties. Derivatives offer traders powerful risk management tools, and Tracer provides widespread accessibility to those tools so individuals can control their own financial narratives and connect to global digital markets.

Reinvesting in the Blockchain ecosystem: Koji Capital

Mycelium is dedicated to improving access to financial markets via the technical advantages of blockchain technology. We are proud that a synergistic by-product of Mycelium’s market leading participation in the industry is our ability to reinvest and support other founders with a shared vision. In 2020, Mycelium launched an early-stage venture capital Fund: Koji Capital. Koji is a crypto venture capital fund cultivating community, providing growth-capital to founders that are driving systemic adoption of blockchain technology through financial, social, and cultural innovations.

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