Our Story

We’re rewriting the rules of engagement so they are fair forever.

By re-layering infrastructure for finance and data and building systems that empower individuals, Mycelium seeks to reimagine and build an open, accessible and reliable version of the web by offering products and services for the evolving blockchain ecosystem that are governed by transparency. Analogous to its namesake, Mycelium’s ventures are offshoots of a larger network of ideas.

Web3 has seen an emergence of DAOs, which provide novel ways for communities to coordinate resources and contribute to democratised governance. Mycelium uses a DAO-first approach that guarantees transparent interactions between its projects and the market.

Mycelium Node provides ultra-reliable data feeds to smart contracts, whilst also maintaining and operating layer 1 nodes. By leveraging the Chainlink network, it develops real world use-cases and supports hundreds of financial smart contracts as well as other applications while providing infrastructure that underpins the transition to web3.

Tracer DAO opens the derivatives industry to all, through open-source smart contracts. By providing everyday access to powerful financial tools to manage risk, Tracer is opening a long-shut door for individuals to control their financial narratives. Tracer also solves fundamental problems that exist within the derivatives industry, bringing absolute programmability and transparency to counter-party risk through decentralised clearing.

Reputation DAO is dedicated to becoming the reputation layer for the open blockchain economy. Existing credit and reputation systems exist in black boxes, Reputation breaks them open by providing transparently governed systems and key trust indicators for oracles, actors and contracts on open blockchains. It connects smart contracts with off-chain identity and financial data through the Chainlink network, unlocking infinite potential for smart contract applications. By allowing users to assess the reliability of smart contract data feeds, Reputation DAO enables secure, confident interactions within the DeFi economy.

Koji cultivates and invests in community focused projects that are enriching the Decentralised Finance and Web 3.0 ecosystems by providing growth-capital to drive the adoption of a new generation of applications.

Reputation is integrated into Tracer’s Perpetual Pools platform, which is also supported by Mycelium Node in creating new data feeds and supporting existing data feeds – exemplifying that these ventures function as Mycelium’s connective tissue in bringing decentralised finance into reality; they are clear expressions of a novel global ecosystem and are illustrative of Mycelium’s commitment to humanising the web.

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