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Trade with liquidity, leverage and low fees.

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With Mycelium Perpetual Swaps, Traders can trust they are optimising their trades with:

Low fees

0.03% entry and exit fees to maximise trading profits

Earn Weekly Rewards

Earn 10% of fees as an active trader


Trade liquid markets for ETH, BTC, BAL, UNI, LINK, CRV, and FXS


Up to 30x, with liquidations set at 100x to minimise risk

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Our Liquidity Providers create the foundations for traders to take leveraged positions in liquid markets, which is why we're rewarding them with:

High revenue

MLP holders earn 70% of revenue from trading fees

Weekly rewards

Earn 25%* APR paid in ETH rewards weekly

Compound rewards

Earn more with compounded reward rates and no lock-ups

No lock-ups

No lock-up period for LPs

Join the traders exploring
the largest range of DeFi markets on Arbitrum

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A new derivative primitive to hedge portfolio risk or trade leverage over the long-term with:

Zero liquidation riskZero liquidation risk
Zero marginZero margin
Up to 10x leverageUp to 10x leverage
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Leveraged long-term trading, without the overhead.

Traders can mint fully composable, leveraged tokens in their wallet, and carry them throughout DeFi.

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More Leverage. Less Overhead